Would Dr. Ben Carson Really Make a Good Presidential Candidate?

During the National Prayer Breakfast, an unknown became a national treasure for many. His name is Dr. Ben Carson. Today, many Americans believe the man should actually run for President of the United States. Why?

Forget everything Dr. Carson stated during the Prayer Breakfast. Forget we know anything about him. Let’s focus on what would actually make someone a good Presidential candidate.

It’s apparent that Americans want leaders with true conviction. But does conviction alone make someone Presidential worthy?  I think not.

It’s clear that more and more Americans accept God in their lives. This doesn’t mean they accept organized religion however. (I still don’t see how you can have one without the other but that’s not the point). Does the belief in God alone make someone a good Presidential candidate? Ummm…you guessed it…probably not.

America’s society seems to believe a person must also be some form of elitist to be a good national leader. Walk on the battlefield and look at some of our troops manning an outpost. I would say that alone debunks such a thought considering those kids, who aren’t elitists, are however real leaders and as unfortunate as it is, many of their bosses who are elitists have proven out to be dirt-bags.

I have heard many times that to be a national politician, like a Congressman or Senator or even a President, you must first get into local politics and work your way up. Really? So we want future national politicians to absorb local corruption so they can bring such into the national level that has already been corrupted? Yup, that too makes no sense to me.

I have also realized that a person has to have a lot of money in order to run for office. Did you know it costs $5k just to run for Congress? That is, $5k just to have your name on a ticket!

Are America’s rich the ones we need in office? Does economic status really have anything to do with leadership skills? Trust me, and I go back to the military on this one, enlisted troops don’t make squat in comparison to their officer managers and there are some extraordinaire enlisted guys and gals out there who I know would do a better job running this nation than some sitting in office right now.

So really, what characteristics make someone worthy of our votes? Such a question is almost impossible to answer. So, could Dr. Ben Carson potentially be a good Presidential Candidate? Sure, for some. But for many, he wouldn’t be. It’s all a matter of perception and how we have been socially conditioned with our views on the subject.

Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is author of Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors.

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  1. Kerry: When I ran 99% of the long established members of the GOP were VERY hesitant to support my efforts as I had NOT paid my dues. The corruption in party politics is rampant; however, the DNC has made it their religion. ALL about power.

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