The Great Obama Apologist

I wonder if she is an Obama Apologist?

Who would have ever known that speaking truth through sound reasoning and a bit of research would actually make someone an Obama apologist? Well, apparently, yours truly has mysteriously transitioned into one. Let me explain.

Last week, I had written about some tool named Michael Connelly. He threw some horrific rhetoric out there on the web pertaining gun rights, PTSD, and Veterans. I did some research and found two key points—1. It was single source reporting and 2. Everything within his original blog found in Red Flag News was completely blown out of proportion i.e. out of context.

After writing two pieces on the unethical practices of using veterans to support Mr. Connelly’s agenda, my inbox quickly filled up. Not only did I get a handful of hate mail, but my alerts went off the chart considering how many e-forums were posting my writings.

I made the mistake and went to some of those e-forums to see what the discussions entailed. Luckily, I already had some inclination of the commentary in the feeds.

Sure enough, people were linking my posts on the forums. And sure enough, soon after, people on those forums were hating on me like I was the Black Plague. I actually loved seeing the things written so much, I decided to blog about it here.

The best was written by some Jackie Chan Ninja wannabe on the PAFOA site who goes by the screen name Fujisawa-sensai.

“Patton is a hardcore Obama apologist, btw, so I’d take his claims with a grain of salt to begin with. He’s written articles defending Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel.”

Dear Mr Miyagi, thank you for your reply. You sir are an absolute fool as are the idiots out there who swallowed the Red Flag News story along with those who followed such at Gateway Pundit and WND. I would also like to thank you for utilizing extreme progressive tactics in your dialog. Yes, name calling is a progressive tactic.

P.S. While I acknowledge I am name calling here, it is only being done to play your silly progressive game.

I would also like to inform how uncritical your thinking skills actually really are Mr. Bandwagon.

Did I really defend Joe Biden (in ref to the Taliban issue published by Fox News)? I believe your choice of words is a bit convoluted. I merely explained to people why the Vice President “wasn’t necessarily wrong” with his Taliban claims.

Do you sir even know who the Taliban really is? If so, please, go to the Intelligence Community and volunteer your time explaining such a complex issue to them. They sure as hell can use your help.

As far as Chuck Hagel is concerned. I took all sides of the debate, analyzed such, and expressed an opinion. By the way, many former Generals may agree he isn’t the best candidate out there but guess what? There are a lot who like the guy. Hmmmm…wasn’t he just appointed as our new SECDEF?

I guess my new wannabe Japanese rock star lacks some things like critical thinking, independent thought, and a bit of practical reasoning.

But hey Mr. “I would rather live in fear than know the whole truth.” Let me shed some updates about that whole attorney Connelly thing real quick.

I am not alone. I said it in one of the two posts I published here. There are like minded vets out there merely wishing to seek the truth without playing politics (at least without playing politics all the time.)

You might want to check out what some other like-minded military friendly bloggers are saying about the whole ordeal. In fact, let me share with you some good military friendly sites so not to waste your time:

Bob Owens

This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here

One Marine’s view

VA Watchdog (Sorry but you have to do a bit of work by scrolling down their site to find the actual topic of interest on VA and gun rights)

Let me close by quoting an attorney friend of mine for all you Kool-Aide swallowing Michael Connelly lovers out there…

“The standard for determining mental incapacity is the same since the Gun Control Act of 1968. The key being that any person who is so mentally incapacitated that they present an immediate threat to themselves or others, AFTER being “adjudicated” in some approved forum which grants Due Process is prohibited from having guns.  For that matter, a person so adjudicated to be mentally incapacitated is also prohibited from doing any number of things, like voting, driving a car, entering into a contract, etc.  Neither the Brady Bill (1993) of the NICS Act of 2007 changes those standards, nor is the VA doing something other than what it has been doing for the last umpteen years.”

Now, I am no fan of the PTSD quagmire. I don’t like the fact that it can be diagnosed through a subjective questionnaire versus utilizing hard science. I don’t like the fact that a million kids are being prescribed up to 20+ neurotoxin drugs to deal with their PTSD. But damn it, if anyone feels the need to seek help for any issue be it mental or physical, let’s not throw some crap out there which may prevent them from seeking help.

Now, go practice your “Waxing on and Waxing Off ” technique and stop feeling sorry for yourself for being so damn stupid. Better yet, go purchase a copy of my book so when you take that job working for the Intelligence Community you sound smarter than what you really are when it comes to understanding the Taliban.

The Great Obama Apologist

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  1. Charlie N says:

    Rant was worth a try, Kerry. Might even make an impression. However, I really doubt it. Some people, especially those who have not yet been far off their home block, just see what they want to see.

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