Jesse Ventura Has No Shame—The Lawsuit against Chris Kyle’s Widow and Richard Marcinko’s Thoughts

The moment I heard about James George Janos, aka Jesse Ventura’s, latest move against the family of the late Chris Kyle, I immediately got on the phone and spoke with a true US Navy SEAL legend—Richard Marcinko. I was outraged and wanted to ensure I wasn’t overreacting.

Needless to say, I wasn’t.

Chris Kyle served as a US Navy SEAL. He was one of the world’s most famous snipers. A patriot, warrior, and man with true conviction doing everything he could for the brotherhood of veterans even after he left the US military.

Jesse Ventura made the mistake of running his mouth to the wrong guys out in California—something he enjoys doing, apparently. Chris was one of those guys present and was in no mood for Ventura’s bullshit—Chris knocked Ventura’s ass out. And yes, according to many present in the bar, that’s exactly what happened—Ventura got knocked out by Chris Kyle.

The biggest loser in US Special Operations history--Jesse Ventura

The biggest loser in US Special Operations history–Jesse Ventura

Chris wrote about his encounter with Jesse Ventura in his NY Times Best Selling book American Sniper. He also discussed the encounter briefly on Fox News. Ventura got his feelings hurt and decided to file a lawsuit against Chris for defamation.

Chris was murdered in Texas on February 2nd 2013.

One would assume the lawsuit Ventura filed would simply go away now that Chris is no longer with us but it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Ventura, being the jackass he is, has decided to turn the lawsuit against Chris’s widow Taya which will ultimately position her children in equal hardship just based off unnecessary stress Ventura is creating on the family who no longer has their daddy.

Richard Marcinko first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six

Richard Marcinko first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six

Per my conversation with Richard Marcinko:

“He [Ventura] is a West Coast SEAL!” Marcinko blurted when he heard the news. “What the fuck, over!”

Those words were just in house banter only SEALs could appreciate–differing the West Coast versus East Coast Teams rivalries. But trust me, Marcinko was truly upset with the former wrestling superstar whom he had not heard from in over three years.

“It’s asinine to go after a widow.” Marcinko continued. “Widow’s suffer enough.”

Marcinko knew about the story of Chris knocking Ventura out in the California bar. And he actually chuckled about the incident. “Who cares if he got knocked on his ass?”

I agree with Marcinko. Really, how many of us haven’t been knocked on our asses in life? It’s not about getting knocked down or knocked out but rather how we recover…how we get back up on our own two feet.

What Ventura is doing against Chris’s family is just wrong. No. It’s actually evil. Surely Ventura is no man of character and he surely has forgotten about the special operations brotherhood and unwritten codes founded within.

You wouldn’t think the former Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) member, who was by the way a full patch wearing member of the Mongols, would forget about anything associated with a brotherhood. I mean, he did actually help draft the Mongol’s oath according to Billy Queen–the ATF undercover agent who helped take down the Mongul’s California chapter.

It’s apparent however the former Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) graduate, Ventura, did in fact forget about what it means to be a part of a brotherhood. One of those unwritten codes was well said by Richard Marcinko.

“Take care of the dirty laundry behind closed doors.”

Ventura has some serious issues and he has failed to deal with anything behind closed doors. Maybe he got knocked on his head one to many times throughout his professional wrestling career.

As far as Richard Marcinko goes, he has no axe to grind with Ventura and he made that very clear to me. But make no mistake, the first Commanding Officer of SEAL Team Six isn’t happy with the way Ventura is handling the situation.

I know many aren’t happy with Jesse Ventura. I know I am not. In fact, I would love nothing more than Ventura to run his mouth to me because I would have no issue doing the exact same thing Chris Kyle had done to him—knock him on his ass.

Hopefully Jesse will realize there is much more to life than trying to target an innocent widow and the family of our fallen. Real brothers stick together and we also take care of one another’s families.

Kerry Patton is the author of Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors.




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  1. Pkorman says:

    When one exchanges honor and honesty for media whoredom, I guess the tool kit changes as well. This tool is just trying to stay in front of the cameras and public consciousness. Disappointing.

  2. I have more respect for a streetwalker in the worst neighborhood of The Bronx than I do for this has been wrestler, governor and current low life.

  3. It just shows us all how low America has dropped today when you can sue an American soldier and a national hero’s widow to line your pockets with the money that would have fed orphans for years. Chris Kyles widow has to find another way to stay afloat now because of the greed of an old man that loves money.


  1. [...] Jesse Ventura—The former professional wrestling, Navy SEAL, outlaw motorcycle gang member is a complete douche. How any veteran can sue (Chris Kyle) a brother-in-arm after that brother is dead is beyond me. But that is exactly what the conspiracy freak is doing.  I have written about him in the past and I stand my ground. He makes me want to vomit. [...]

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