Drone strike former LAPD Officer Chris Dorner?

Smart Navy SEAL explains similar thoughts I have about Doner’s E&E

Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for. Ok, I have read the draft document pertaining authorization to kill US persons working closely with Al Qaeda. I have even written about it. But maybe a new debate can be made into the whole American killing controversy what continues to unfold with former LAPD murderer Chris Dorner.

Let’s first ask ourselves a very serious question about Chris Dorner. Is he or should he be construed as a terrorist? What about a “lone wolf terrorist? I mean really, hasn’t he instilled terror throughout parts of California? Isn’t he using violence? Hasn’t this all sparked due to some ideology?

Oh how I can’t wait to read the comments on this!

So maybe Dorner isn’t affiliated with Al Qaeda. Does that make him any more or less an imminent threat than say an Al Qaeda financier? I mean the guy killed how many people already?

What about incorporating drones into the search for this killer? Apparently he is “too astute” on police tactics capable of evading those hunting him. (P.S. I find that laughable considering he was never a SWAT trained guy and has absolutely ZERO special operations background of any sort!)

Wouldn’t a good set of “eyes in the sky” with key technological capabilities be much better equipped in finding the man? Better yet, why don’t we just allow a military organization home from war get some good live training in before they redeploy? Why waste valuable assets like our police units potentially placing them in grave risks? Why not send in 20th Group Special Forces?

Here is the kicker, folks…

Some believe the targeted killing of Americans is a good thing while others don’t. I understand both aspects to the arguments however per our Constitution, we as citizens have certain rights whether we are overseas or here in the States. Interestingly enough, our enemies have learned to use our own laws against us.

So if we wish to continue the debate about the use of drones in America or the authorization to target kill our own citizens without due process, why not look at the case of Chris Dorner? What would your argument be if he were target killed by our own Executive Branch?

Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is author of Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors

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  1. Sharron E. Wolfe says:

    I have to say, that puts it in an entirely new perspective. As with any weapons, it all depends on whose hands they are in.

  2. With all due respect, Kerry, Chris Dorner, a man with no priors and a solid record as an officer in the Naval Reserve, went “postal.” The only good that can happen from this is organizations external to the LAPD may look into how a public authority may be protecting its own corruption at the expense of a whistleblower. His allegations that this behavior is systemic within the LAPD is troubling.

    I don’t know how the 5th amendment applies to broad searches using a drone. But the assassination of an American citizen on American soil (a key differentiation from our strategy in countries who host hostile, non-state combatants who have declared war) is clearly unconstitutional. There is no shading this.

    Chris Dorner is clearly suspected of murder, and the LAPD has no interest in a trial where they can present evidence. The LAPD is so panicked that they have shot at, and wounded, several completely innocent citizens. The thought that they would be more precise using a Drone is highly suspect. Dorner states he has no intention of surrendering, so he will probably die in a confrontation with armed police officers. That said, the LAPD is breaking every law surrounding the use of a lethal weapon in their zeal to deal with a threat they seem to be complicit in creating. If this official behavior is allowed to stand, it sets an extremely dangerous precedent.

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