Dear NY Times, Your Reporting on ‘Veterans and White Supremacy’ Sucks


As a veteran, I am appalled at your most recent attempt to fulfill any form of journalistic reporting on veterans and white supremecy. In your recent article titled Veterans and White Supremacy, not only did you sensationalize a disaster which appears for political ideologues, you misinformed readers with reality.

Of course your author Kathleen Belew threw in a caveat claiming not all veterans go to hate groups but any informed reader can easily see why she threw that in their. She was blatantly attempting to cover her own ass due to the nature of her article.

Let me keep this as short as possible for your entire staff and Kathleen Belew through a few facts that either she ignorantly fails to accept or failed to realize to be true.

First, the majority of those who serve in the US Armed Forces are white males. So per demographic capita, it would make sense that that specific sex and race would have a higher likeliness to partake in gang related activities just based off numbers alone. But, one would be greatly mistaken if they thought such fact to be reality.

You see, reality is, there are more gang members inside the US Armed Forces (active and Veterans) stemming from minority groups—i.e. Latino’s and Blacks. And, in such gangs, violent activities far surpass those from the White based gang organizations.

Interestingly, you mention the assailant in the recent Overland Park, Kansas atrocity to be a former member of US Special Forces. Did you do this merely to point out the fact of his background or to again, sensationalize matters?

I believe it was for the later and if this be true, you should also know that within the branches of Combat Arms, far fewer personnel have been known to engage in or partake in gang life during or after their service. In fact, the vast majority of all military engaging in such lifestyles come from the non-combat arms branches i.e., cooks, supply, maintenance, etc.

Your organization, like many main stream media outlets along with several politicians, have sensationalized atrocities for too long. You did it when Timothy McVeigh conducted his heinous act in Oklahoma and you have done it again with Frazier Glenn Miller in Kansas.

But for some reason, you didn’t take a similar approach when Aaron Alexis (a black male) lit up the US Navy Yard or Ivan Lopez (a Latino male) went on his recent rampage in Ft Hood. Instead, you poorly attempted to blame their actions on Psychological issues which happened on both cases to be utter farces.

Thanks for continuing to falsely report on our military service members and the veteran community.

Yours truly,

A White Male Combat Veteran you probably consider now to be aligned with some white hate group which is hysterically laughable.

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  1. Mr. Lynn Wiston says:

    Ms. Belew comments without facts. What % of vets join these hate groups? Quite miniscule at best I am sure. Of those that join, what % were diagnosed PTSD or some form of problem from serving? She paints a picture of vets who love to fight simply to hate. I seriously doubt that she has been around many veterans at all. As a vet, raised by a WWII vet, and who has known thousands of vets; I can tell you of the immense disservice Belew performs against us. Vets are among the most honorable and decent people that I know.

  2. Charlie N says:

    OK, my friend, you are grown up now. You could have told them how you really feel. We both know that The Old Gray Lady, is a propaganda rag with the deep seated political agenda. Their masthead should read, “All The News That Fits Our Views.” I had already noted their bias in the 1969s. As a member of an MI unit overseas, I used to joke about one that spent nearly all his waking hours downing booze in a hotel bar, and making up his stories with other reporters. We used to wonder if we were shooting at the right people. Strange who those who depend on the 1st Amendment to function, seem to hate the very people who defend ther Rights to exist. Open up my hound brother, and speak your mind. The gene pool needs big dose of Clorex.

  3. If you would like to share your disgust with Ms Kathleen Belew’s article with her directly:
    Her email and phone number are right here if you’d like to say something about her ‘expertise’. She fancies herself as an expert in racism in the US Armed Forces – however I note with interest the complete lack of any military time committed by either herself or anyone in her family.

    Interestingly, someone was arrested in Brevard County Florida for Possession with Intent to Distribute (excess 20g pot) in 2011 that looks just like her. This felon has the correct name Aleshia KATHLEEN BELEW. Since she’s not afraid to cite indistinct sources, at least this one is sourced to the Brevard County, FL Clerks office. (Getting arrested in Florida sucks because it’s all over their webpages).

    If she wants to attack, I would like to see how she handles a counter-attack.

    • Mr. Lynn Wiston says:

      Thanks – I sent her the following email:
      Ms. Belew,

      Your New York Times article “Veterans and White Supremacy” was not substantiated with any insightful facts. Of all veterans who have served, what percentage joined these groups? Of those that did, how many were traumatized by combat duty? Journalism is supposed to be a balance of information educating the reader on the full perspective of a given issue. Your article was contradictory to that premise. You attempted to paint a picture that veterans have had a strong influence in hate groups, and thusly, if not for veterans, these hate groups would be meaningless. Thus you applied a slanderous broad brush stroke to all vets. How anyone with a PH.D could write an article like that is beyond me. Spend time with veterans, and you will see the magnificent character they possess.

      On a side note, I read a posting that may be to your detriment. In fairness, I bring it to your attention to deny it if false. The main point stated was:

      “Someone was arrested in Brevard County Florida for Possession with Intent to Distribute (excess 20g pot) in 2011 that looks just like her. This felon has the correct name Aleshia KATHLEEN BELEW. Since she’s not afraid to cite indistinct sources, at least this one is sourced to the Brevard County, FL Clerks office.”

      Again, if it is not you, you should be made aware of it.

      Mr. Lynn Wiston

  4. Paula D. says:

    Doesn’t she have anything else to do with her time than try to link vets to white supremacy? We have plenty of problems and issues in this country that need resolving–poverty, environmental issues–certainly budget issues and I could go on and on. Instead, this privileged , ignorant of the facts person chooses to slander the vets–the very ones that put their behinds on the line in Afghanistan, Iraq, Viet Nam so she can have the privilege of writing such dribble.

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