All Veteran Company Creates First Feature Film


Over the past year, several media outlets such as Fox News, Huffington Post, and the  Hollywood Reporter revealed a new rising star out in Hollywood called Zulu 7. A production company formed by former special operators, intelligence officers, and defense contractors, many believed Zulu 7 was trying to do the impossible—utilize disruptive theory to create feature length films. But for combat seasoned warriors, like those who formed Zulu 7, nothing is impossible.

After observing and orienting themselves to the way most Hollywood productions are created, Zulu 7 formulated a master plan and put such plan into execution. They observed wasted spending and resources and knew there could be a better way in creating films much less expensive than what has become the norm out in Tinsel Town.  Even with less spending, they refused to jeopardize quality.

As of April 8th, the company’s first official trailer called Zulu 6 was released.

If you love the Walking Dead and loved Act of Valor, you’re going to love Zulu 6. Why? Because Zulu 6 is filled with zombies and a bunch of real combat seasoned service-members who served in our most recent wars.

So who are some of the stars seen in Zulu 6?

Trevor Scott, served in the US Army as an infantryman. He could be seen in films and television shows such as Enlisted, Operation Repo, Samuel Adams, General Hospital, and many more.

Matt Anderson, a former US Special Forces member played roles in hits like Live Free or Die Hard, Beowulf, The Italian Job, and the most recent blockbuster hit Captain America.

Max Mullen, a recent inductee into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame, can be seen in playing the role of Duncan in the online television series titled Black. He also worked alongside Trevor Scott in the 2009 movie Operation Repo.

Dale Comstock, author of American Badass, once served in America’s most notorious counter-terrorism unit—Delta Force. He started his Hollywood career with reality television in shows like One Man Army and Stars Earn Stripes but after producers and film crew observed his potential for the big screen, he was quickly picked up to work on Jim Jefferies FXX show called Legit for a couple of episodes.

Zulu 6 is filled with real combat seasoned veterans. The aforementioned are just four out of dozens playing key roles in the film. Jim Erwin, another former Delta Operator is making his Hollywood debut along with Trevor Maroshek, the first US Navy SEAL K9 handler who recently received accolades from Vice President Joe Biden at the White House for his service to the nation.

Actors and actresses, almost every single face seen in Zulu 6 is a veteran who once served this great nation. And yet, even those who worked day and night behind the scenes in creating this film once wore the military uniform. In fact, Jeff Reyes, director of Zulu 6 and owner of Echos World Entertainment is a recipient of the Purple Heart for his wounds sustained while serving in Ramadi, Iraq under the 506 Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division.

There are plenty of reasons to watch Zulu 6. From the prevention of the Zombie Apocalypse to the high paced action, but nothing surpasses just knowing who’s who in the film and those who worked behind the scenes–veterans.

Hollywood has opened the door to our veteran community and one newly created company is doing their best to capitalize on the situation—Zulu 7. So what’s next for the veteran created production company? That’s classified.

Tentatively, Zulu 6 could be released as early as late fall/early winter 2014. Stay up to date on this film’s progress by going to its Facebook page.

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  1. Charlie N says:

    Sounds like I might even want to see this one.

  2. colonelprop says:

    I will be getting in on seeing this one. The trailers have been impressive to say the least….no Hollywood scenes capping off hundreds of rounds and hitting nothing…the room clears are eerie….

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