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Kerry Patton is an internationally recognized security, terrorism, and intelligence professional. He has taught domestic and international organizations in counter-terrorism, intelligence, and physical security related issues. He has briefed some of the highest government officials ranging from ambassadors and members of Congress and Pentagon staff.

Kerry has served his country honorably throughout South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, fulfilling human intelligence and physical security operations. He has conducted risk management programs on critical assets, carried out tactical surveys of more than five hundred international airfields and energy platforms, and supported in the protection of Afghan President Karzai. While operating in some of today’s most classified US government programs, Kerry has interviewed (outside of interrogations) terrorists and former terrorists within multiple groups, which include Hezb Islami Gullbidine, Taliban, Maoist rebels, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. He operated in and outside of Afghanistan from 2001 through late 2008. His knowledge of Afghanistan has been shared through numerous speaking venues from radio talk shows, academic conferences, and law enforcement seminars, to non-public government engagements.

Kerry serves as the vice president of training and public relations for the Emerald Society of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. He currently teaches counter-terrorism, intelligence, and protection management courses for Henley-Putnam University.

For those who have requested to see my Military and Academic accomplishments, below are two of my DD Form 214′s and copies of my diploma’s for my Bachelor and Master degrees. I will not provide my training certificates from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or those obtained from the Department of Defense nor will I provide any of the signed contracts which I worked on behalf of any organization be it the federal government or private. This is what I am willing to publicly share. For those who want more, too bad. For those who want to talk shit, talk. As I said, their are more then enough people in this world who know me well enough to vouch for my experiences and background.  

My first DD Form 214 received in 1996

My first DD Form 214 received in 1996



My last DD Form 214 received in 2007

My last DD Form 214 received in 2007













My Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Diploma

My Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Diploma

My Masters of Strategic Intelligence Diploma
My Masters of Strategic Intelligence Diploma


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  1. Mr. Patton,

    Thank you for your interesting article on CSM Plumley – I just read it over on Fox.com. However, I believe your work has been edited without your knowledge; “Actor Sam Elliot played the role of the *infamous* non-commissioned officer, Command Sergeant Major Plumley.” (emphasis mine)

    While I doubt I’ve spent as much time researching CSM Plumley as you have, I have never come across any information that would warrant the use of “infamous” in describing his character.

    Otherwise an excellent piece.

    Thanks for the work.

  2. Mike Spight says:

    Kerry, it’s been a loooong time since I “escorted” you and the boys (and a couple of girls) to CRC; how you doing? Looks as though you’ve remained busy, and are doing well.

  3. Phil Sharkey says:

    Funny no mention in your bio about being a “combat disabled veteran” or any mention of actual military service at all for that matter. I wonder why? I smell BS here

    • Hey Phil,
      Take your Alex Jones conspiracy antics elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the note, troll. But if you want my DD Form 214 and VA records you can kiss my ass.

      • Phil,

        Not that you require any sort of response, I can tell you that I served with Kerry as did plenty of other patriots who converse with Kerry. The fact that you can question him is your prerogative and your right but next time, use that thing called the frontal lobe of your brain and do some deeper analytical thinking. Your questioning his service tells me you’re jealous of him. Don’t be jealous. Appreciate his service and dedication to our country and move the f-on to some other board needing a troll. This one requires none, thanks.

      • Daniel Toole says:

        Well said Kerry! Too many conspiracy theory “Experts” out there! I also served with Kerry on active duty as well as being a former member of Emerald Society of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies with him.

      • Phil Sharkey says:

        No conspiracy antics here. Just curious as to why you represent yourself as a “combat disabled veteran” on this site: http://sofrep.com/ but make no mention of it here on your own site in your bio.

        • Terry Tucker says:

          Phil, men that do “quite professional” work don’t need the approval of all others to validate their deeds. Those that know of them do so because of their deeds not their likenden profiles. He would not be a member of SOFREP if he had not been vetted. Not being snotty brother, just letting you know that you need to tighten your shot group. Kerry Patton is a legend in AF…I know I served there. As well as some of his commenters..legends. I can tell you didn’t know this because you couldn’t google them.

          • Don Sugden says:

            Phil, Maybe I can explain it to you this way. Most of us who have chosen to serve and have experienced a side of humanity that the masses should never see, do not generally choose to brag about it. And if you become wounded it is not usually a badge of honor to post everywhere as you might think. So maybe for someone like Kerry, who I do not know but speaking only from a position of a Purple Heart recipient/Combat Disabled Veteran, he might not want to wave that out there. That is a very PERSONAL thing to those of us. Can you attempt to understand that?

            He OWES you nothing. He and the men and women like him and already paid their dues for people like you. So please, try to at least understand the boundaries of your probing when questioning a VET!

            SSgt S
            USMC Retired

  4. Frank Hellstern says:

    Phil, you might want to do a little more research before posting your assuptions. Your research will reflect that Kerry is a straight shooter, telling it like it is. There is no room for political correctness, just facts and his honest assessment.

    • Actually, I agree with Phil. Not to disparage Kerry, but I find it strange that there’s no listing of any organization, military or otherwise, but plenty of innuendo about “counter-terrorism” expertise. Where’d he get it? How is he an expert? Who taught him and where’d he learn? Especially if he’s saying he’s a combat vet. It’s not wrong of Phil to ask – especially given the enormous load of BS “experts” out there now. You can say you’re a “quiet professional”, but that’s only if you aren’t trying to get a job or promote yourself – which clearly Kerry is, given this website and his other media presence. Anyone else will tell you where they’ve served, and that includes DoD SMU’s and agencies like the CIA. Innuendo such as “Internationally recognized” mean nothing but sound swell. The true recognition is in the service. Anyway, I’m sure Kerry’s all that he says he is, but I also find it strange that there’s no specifics mentioned. Before everyone flames me, I am, in fact, a combat disabled Special Forces veteran. I do security contracting now, and run into more BS wannabes than I can shake a stick at. See it all the time. If you call me a liar and demand proof, I’ll provide it as soon as Kerry does.

      • Phil Sharkey says:

        Thanks for the backup Bob. I completely agree. My comments were not meant to be malicious, just curious. Seems like a lot of of unneeded smoke and mirrors.

  5. @Phil Sharkey, take you right hand and grab your right ear, now take your left hand and grab your left ear and… PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! Dipshit.

  6. Enjoyed Contracted. Don’t get many opportunities to read for pleasure. I’ll look forward to reading Contracted II. Stay Frosty.

  7. Bob, if you paid any attention to me in any of my interviews on the media you would know I am straight forward explaining I was in the Air Force, served as a cop, worked in the AT world, obtained multiple deployments abroad in and out of combat, earned several degrees, worked alongside the SOF community (not as a Special Operator but one who supported them), and worked under contract for an array of US gov organizations which includes those within the IC. I could throw all my certificates, EPR’s. LOA’s, academic diplomas, etc out there along with my awards and decs and VA disability paperwork but i chose not because I have enough people out there who know me and know what I have done throughout my life. Those I write for such as RangerUp and SOFREP have already seen it all through their vetting which was needed for me to write for them. Those that needed to see what I have done via employment or for my writing or media endeavors have seen what they needed to see.

    • Phil Sharkey says:

      Not a “Special Operator” yet the first page in your book under “Advanced Praise” states “Operator-now-author…” I guess you got everyone fooled ;-)

  8. Jon Gibson says:

    Kerry as one Father to another keep’ fighting the good fight’ signed up for your site and really enjoy your articles.Back in 2006 our two sons,my newphew and myself were all over in the sand box at the same time,my poor wife stay on her knees for us.We all came home safe and sound!

  9. jon gibson says:

    If Brandon Webb can vett Kerry Patton for his site I don’t see a problem….

  10. Kerry. Thanks for all that you do. Not that you need any backing, but I feel compelled to vouch. I met Kerry in Afghanistan. We linked up stateside to speak at a conference in conjunction with now GEN Odierno. Working with Kerry to train a soon-to-be deployed unit about very particular details regarding their newly acquired operating environment allowed me to begin to understand the unique perspective Kerry brings. His ability to synthesize complex social atmospherics into the operational impact for Commanders is what made him stand out and relevant. It is in his nature to be relevant and realistic or not be there at all.


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