53 Vets die each day waiting on their veteran disability claims

Since I have been active on social media, I see more and more posts about politics and current affairs dealing with President Obama and Iran and or Israel. Oftentimes I see things about Syria as well. Very rarely do I see posts about the neglect of our veterans or the ongoing crisis our own troops face as they continue to fight in Afghanistan.

Let me be first to say that I don’t care if you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, or any other religious follower. I also don’t give a damn about President Obama or any of his staff let alone any other President or their administration.  I care about one thing and one thing only.

Our troops have been used and abused. They have been killed and injured fighting for each and every one of us to express ourselves and incorporate our freedoms in our daily lives. Say and post what you will, fine, but never forget our troops actively serving along with those who previously served.

I get it. “We never forget about our troops.” Sorry to say it, but what a bunch of malarkey. Based upon some ongoing statistical analysis, fewer and fewer post exist about the current war in Afghanistan and the ongoing struggles faced by our service members and their veteran counterparts.

This is why I am adding a few quotes that will hopefully touch you in more ways than just listening to me rant.

This is from a mother of a vet: “My son was sent home due to being paralyzed. We were never informed of scaddle pay.(which is caregiver pay). We had to buy a car to transport him. I had to drive him to all appointments, therapies etc. Bandage any sores etc. With no pay. So when i was informed of this benefit i applied for it. It has been over a year. I contacted a state senator and the colonel at Fort Knox just recently sent our senator a letter lying about our family and covering their (army) butts. I am very disgusted.”

From a female vet: “I’m 28. 3 years ago they handed me a handicap parking pass and called it a day. There are days I can’t walk and they won’t even give me a cane, let alone a wheelchair that I find myself needing. They wonder why so many of us are depressed. It’s not what we’ve been through, it’s what we have to endure after when were back that’s supposed to help us.”

And yet another vet: “All we here about is suicide prevention but if they keep running us around, we get depressed ten we feel hopeless and lost I have been waiting over a year, every time I go to the VA they give me more pills I’m on 16 pills and I’m 26, they don’t even give me a diagnosis just pills.”

All of these were taken out of certain Facebook pages dedicated to our veterans. These are not my words. I could make a book out of more quotes easily found by vets struggling today but I will spare you the harsh reality in reading such things due to how depressing it all really has become.

You may not like what I say and that’s fine. But let me be very loud and clear, President Obama is not to be blamed for the ongoing issues which unfold among our veterans. Every politician has failed our vets and so has every American who has not written letters to their representatives demanding better.

Israel, Iran, Syria, or any other place in the world should matter little to you if you truly do love America and its freedoms. I say this because you cannot love America or its freedoms without equally loving those who gallantly volunteer to defend those freedoms.

You may not like Senator Hagel as a SECDEF nominee, Kerry as the Secretary of State, Obama as our President. You may not like the way this nation is headed economically. None of that matters and this is why. If you do not have a healthy ethical body of persons willing to fight for the defense of this great nation, you have nothing—and none of our elite actually fight today’s wars.

Go on and continue your rants about Obama, Hagel, Bush, Cheney, Israel, Iran, or whatever you wish. Keep spreading worthless memes on social media. But do all vets a favor and try making it a habit to do an occasional post about the disservice this nation has devoted to the health and well-being of our warriors. Show them you support them and actually give a damn.

Why? Because on average 53 veterans die each day waiting for their VA claims. That’s right, and no, it’s not a misprint. 53 vets die each day waiting for their VA benefits. And we have all done them a disservice by allowing them to die due to our own self-gratification and putting emphasis on things that really shouldn’t matter nearly as much as the health and well-being of our vets. Don’t believe me? Read here: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/sun-investigates/bal-veterans-who-die-waiting-for-disability-benefits-20130201,0,438842.story

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  1. To any Vet getting bounced around by the VA for mental health care: All communities have mental health counseling for free for those who cannot afford to pay for it. Even if you already receive VA counseling, try stopping in or calling your local Mental Health Bureau. You can also talk to your chaplin at any base without going through the VA first. Do not delay if you feel as if you are depressed or have PTSD or any other mental health problem which should be treated with more than just medications, IMHO. At the very least, reach out and talk with other Vets. Do not try to go it alone, and know that we may not be with you but are definintely praying for you.

  2. I am currently receiving a benefit rating for a skin aliment, the rating was however lowered because the reviewing personnel at the regional office thought that my pictures showed improvement. The treating physician had previously stated that my type of skin condition do not improve, however the VA seen fit to over-rule the physician prognosis. I can only imagine what those with a more serious condition are going through. Why is there not an over sight committee assigned to the VA’s decision making?

  3. Lacey Smith says:

    I keep seeing this and it disturbs me. No vet should wait on their benefits or die waiting to receive them, because the system is backed up. As our vets continue to age it’s more and more difficult for them to find out the information they need regarding their benefits. I’ve seen firsthand how easy it is to get bounced around by the VA, and that’s why I’ve stepped in to help my parents. I got my hands on a book called “Crack the VA” by Barbara Steinberg. You can check out her site and the book at http://www.blseldercare.com/. It’s been a great help and I’d definitely recommend it to others in need of VA help. Thanks for this post!

  4. Disgusted more than that, I am 75yrs old widow and now caregiver for a 67yrs old ret Vietnam Veteran 20 yrs service, who lost both legs due to AO and has been fighting for more than 6 yrs withoug success for his disability benefits. Help, help!!

  5. Patricia A Gallagher says:

    My father, William E Conroy, proudly served in the Korean from 1952-1954. After almost a 18 month with the VA he received compensation monthly and a retroactive check for those months my husband and I covered. The VA now has decided that he was overpaid and are now taking back all but 26.00 of his benefit. Facing a rent increase at his assisted-living facility and taking back that money, which he was entitled to, has crippled our family. What am I, as his daughter, supposed to do now. My husband and I had my dad living with us almost 8 years. We did this because it was the right thing to do. I am disabled and am on a fixed income. We also sold our home and are in a smaller home. . . I am about to have a nervous breakdown. Sincerely, Pat Gallagher


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